Curriculum Vitae


Current research

Switzerland and Europe : Finance and Diplomacy, 1891-1931


Université de Paris III - La Sorbonne 

Past research

History of the Swiss Tax Haven

Two books

- Histoire du paradis fiscal suisse, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2018, 324 pages

- La défense du paradis fiscal suisse avant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Neuchâtel, Alphil-Presses universitaires suisses, 2016, 544 pages

Some articles and working papers in English

"From the Wilsonian Moment to Balanced Relations. Reinterpreting Swiss Foreign Policy after the First World War", Revue d'histoire diplomatique, 1, 2020.

« A beggar became a banker: Financial relations between Switzerland and France and the implications for foreign policy, from the Belle Epoque to the Phoney war »International History Review, 2020.

- «The Return to Order in the Swiss Confederation after the Great War:  The Edification of a Liberal-Conservative Bastion in Europe », 20 & 21, 143, 2019.


- « Quantification and Revolution. An Investigation of German Capital Flight After the First World War », EHES Working Papers in Economic History, 149, 2019.

- « Capital Flight and Tax Competition after World War I. The Political Economy of French Tax Cuts », Contemporary European History, 27, 2018.

- « The Swiss Tax Haven, the Bretton Woods System Crisis and the Globalisation of Offshore Economy », in Marc Buggeln, Alexander Nützenadel, Martin Daunton (éd.), The Political Economy of Public Finance. Taxation, State Spending and Debt since the 1970s, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017.

- « Tax Avoidance, Collective Resistance, and International Negotiations. Foreign Tax Refusal by Swiss Banks and Industries Between the Two World Wars », Journal of Policy History, 25/3, 2013, p. 334-353.

« The Rise of the Swiss Tax Haven in the Interwar Period : An International Comparison », EHES Working Papers in Economic History, 27, 2012, p. 1-40.




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